These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

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I have a serious shopping problem, and if you know me you know it’s true! I’m not just a shoe person or a purse person or a clothes person….I’m a EVERYTHING person! I would say that dresses are my weakness though. I have SO many dresses but still  buy a new dress for any occasion! I think because I don’t have to get all glamorous for work since I work out of my house I enjoy getting the chance to wear something fun and girly! My go to for dresses is always BCBG, they have the best materials and always have something fun and edgy that will work for any occasion. The dress above I bought for a Christmas dinner date night and I am so excited to wear it. The other listed items I came across and had to have! The tank of course is made by my company Ruffles with Love.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. |7. |8. |9.


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