Ruffles with Love turns 5

Wanted to do a quick video to say thank you to all of you for allowing me to do what I love!

Ahhh so many emotions come with this blog post! Ruffles with Love has turned 5!! I can not believe that I have a business that is 5 years old! It feels like just yesterday that I set up a Etsy store and now I have my own domain and website and everything that comes with that. I had no idea what to expect when I started this business. I originally started this business in the beginning of 2012 to save for my wedding that was in November of 2012. when I first started I was selling pillows that had ruffles on them (hence the name Ruffles with Love) that I was sewing and making picture frames. One day I was roaming around the fabric store and came across the t-shirt aisle and this aqua shirt was just calling my name. I have always had fun putting together colors that you probably wouldn’t necessarily think go together, the first color that came to mind was neon orange and magenta. I should also add that bows have always been one of my favorite things. In my younger years seeing me without a bow just didn’t happen. So I knew that if I was going to make shirts I had to incorporate bows one way or another! In getting ready for my wedding hitting the gym every now and again wouldn’t hurt so I decided to make a workout shirt.! I cut off the sleeves and made my own creation twisting the back, adding lettering to the front and of course adding the signature bow! My first tank was my Break a Sweat tank.
break-a-sweat-1                     fullsizerender-92
I took a picture of it and posted it on Esty and it sold within an hour! I never even got to wear it! I was so shocked that it sold that fast that I had to hold on to the original and went back to the fabric store to get the supplies to fulfill my first shirt order! I still own the original as you can see in the picture above I framed it and it is hanging in my office and whenever I have a creativity block that shirt gives me inspiration. Shortly after my first sale I was contacted by Mama Laughlin who at the time was starting her fitness blog and she wanted to review a couple shirts.I had no idea what I was doing and I remember sending her a few and she posted them on her social media and all of a sudden I was getting orders like crazy! I was SO overwhelmed, I had a full time job and coached soccer at the time.
I enlisted anyone that offered help at the time! My weekends when not on the soccer field were spent at my parents house and we had an assembly line going that went well past midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I had such a awesome support system and I am truly thankful to my family and friends that believed in my business even then to give so much time to it. I do want to mention that Mama Laughlin (Brandi) and I are still in contact in fact we were just emailing today! She will always be someone that I keep in contact with and root for in life because she believed in me and supported me from the beginning!
This post could get REAL long so I just want to fast forward 5 years and say that I am truly grateful for all of you that have supported me and watched me grow over the past 5 years! It’s not easy but it is definitely worth it! I have built so many relationships with many of you and consider many of you to be close friends, several of you have gotten me through some tough times over the past 5 years by offering your life experiences and advice. I have cried with some of you during times that were hard and laughed in the good times. This business has truly been a blessing for me and I LOVE what I have built and what I do! So thank you, because without all of you I wouldn’t have made it 5 years!
So whats to come for 2017 you ask? A LOT!!!! For starters my blog is something I will be spending a lot of time on! I plan to do a lot of fashion and makeup posts and some tutorials! I recently just started as a Stella and Dot Stylist as the jewelry pairs perfectly with shirts, so look forward to seeing some fun outfit inspiration in the upcoming year in addition to that if any of you are interested in joining my team please let me know! I was lucky enough to be presented an opportunity to be featured in their catalog and on their website.stella-dot-pic-3.  Needless to say I have big plans for 2017 and I can’t wait for you to be by side!
Make sure to enter the giveaway for my 5 favorite things on Instagram! See below for what I am giving away and how to enter:
Giveaway Items:
Striped Day Planner
Stella and Dot  Gold Maylee Ring
Original Break a Sweat Tank – Size of Your Choice
Any Ruffles with Love Item of your Choice
Picture Frame with our signature bow
                  Total Retail Value $115
How to enter:
Head over to my Ruffles with Love Instagram Page. Winner will be announced on Friday January 20 at 10am PST.
Last but not least THANK YOU again and again and again! Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for believing in me and thank you for allowing me to share my creativity with you!!! Make sure to follow our brand new Ruffles with Love VIP Group and follow me on social media! I will put the links below! Snapchat (@vherm02) is my new fave so I am on there everyday!
Love you guys!

3 thoughts on “Ruffles with Love turns 5

  1. Congrats to 5 years. I remember the first shirt you made me… now half my closet later and my ride or die… I’m so proud of you! You are such an inspiration! Cheers to many more years with RWL! Can’t wait to celebrate!!! Love you!


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