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I have a serious shopping problem, and if you know me you know it’s true! I’m not just a shoe person or a purse person or a clothes person….I’m a EVERYTHING person! I would say that dresses are my weakness though. I have SO many dresses but still  buy a new dress for any occasion! I think because I don’t have to get all glamorous for work since I work out of my house I enjoy getting the chance to wear something fun and girly! My go to for dresses is always BCBG, they have the best materials and always have something fun and edgy that will work for any occasion. The dress above I bought for a Christmas dinner date night and I am so excited to wear it. The other listed items I came across and had to have! The tank of course is made by my company Ruffles with Love.

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Fall Feast: Friendsgiving 2016

Friendsgiving is definitely becoming one of my favorite traditions. This year we hosted our 2nd one and it was SO much fun! I am writing this blog post 3 days after Friendsgiving and my voice is still not all the way back. If you follow me on snapchat (vherm02) than you know what I’m talking about, I sound like a 13 year old boy going through puberty. We had about 30 people and it was the best group of people. Both my husband and I love to host parties and we are getting to the point where all of our groups of friends are getting to know each other because they have met and hung out at previous parties. The phrase “Friends become Family” is so true for us. We are blessed to have some amazing people in our life and having them all under one roof  was so awesome.

I started really getting everything together on Friday…I know kinda last minute for a Saturday party but the awesome thing about friendsgiving is that we don’t have to cook everything because people bring the sides. We do the turkey, the stuffing and the gravy (i’ll talk about that story later). Because of the amount of people we needed 2 turkeys this year and my friend/neighbor did a turkey too. So Friday morning Gina and I went to Costco for the essentials….I should mention we also had a keg!


I didn’t have to really do to much besides that on Friday. I basically just had to make sure the bar was was stocked and we had everything we needed. Saturday Evan and I started prepping the turkey around 10:30am this was our 2nd year so we aren’t pros at this quite yet we just threw a bunch of spices and watched Chrissy Teigens Instagram of her prepping her turkey last year 1000 times. I think it turned it out really well…do you want to know what didn’t turn out really well…the gravy! I completely underestimated making gravy! I feel like I had to have made it last year but don’t remember doing it. It took about 6 of us to try and make the gravy and everyone had tips on how to do or had watched a family member make it but had never really made it before. Luckily my neighbor Lucy came in and saved the day!

img_4602                    img_4599  img_4601                                                img_4598

After Dinner the fun begins! If you’ve never had twerking lessons at Friendsgiving you haven’t been to a Hermanson Friendsgiving…when I say best party EVER I mean it! Friendsgiving I really feel should be something everyone does we are so blessed to have all of these people in our lives and it really makes me appreciate the friendships that I have!

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